"The Perpetuation of Poverty"

Poor Kids and rich kids have many things in common.
On average, they are catered. Some poor kids have millions of people who want to help them and try to provide for their every need.

Some rich kids have enough money set aside to provide for their every need.

The similarities are obvious.
How many rich kids are handicapped by everything being given to them?
How many poor kids grew up with parents that didn't actually teach them to work for what they want? So instead, they just give to satisfy the child.
Since the poor kid grew up with nothing and the parents are less fortunate , what lessons can you teach a child on how to work for nothing to earn no shoes?
Do you make your child earn the right to eat dinner or do you give them the dinner for free?

I have never been taught to earn anything personally. However , the recreational activity I pursued was a great coping mechanism.
I can get more detailed but I would rather stay on track with this story.
Most black kings that made dollars playing sports or performing music are products of the west African slave trade. In these environments we were placed in and raised in , we often did not put importance on material things because everything was given to us.
It's the same handicap as a rich kid.
How is it a rich kid overdoses on cocaine and dies from potentially lack of life lessons from the parents and or fathers and my buddy dies as the result from a shoot out for dealing cocaine; bad drug deal. He too had a lack of parenting from one side,

These kids are the same people.


By Heidi Buech