“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 
― Albert Einstein

While I agree with good ole Al, it takes intelligence to identify when we need to change something in our lives; I think that there is another element that he is forgetting in this statement. I would gather that self-esteem might play into our ability to change even more so than intelligence.

Having a strong self-esteem will enable you to be the best version of yourself. People that have a strong sense of self are not afraid to make changes when they are not feeling happy or fulfilled. They are not concerned when others tell them are incapable of something because they know without a doubt they will accomplish anything they set their mind to. This does not mean that they will not have failures, in fact the most successful people in this world usually also have the most failures. The trick is when they fail they don’t get down on themselves and they don’t give up, they just alter their course. Failures make room for successes…and they help give direction. 

What do high and low self-esteems have in common? They are impermanent, meaning if you place a fairly confident person in a situation where they are being insulted or degraded on a constant basis, eventually they are going to start believing what they hear. This also means the same for the opposite; consistently building up someone with a low self-esteem over time creates a space where the subject will also start believing what they hear. 

Where does our self-esteem come from? It begins developing in our formative years, how we are raised plays a big part into how we view ourselves. If your situation wasn’t idyllic, don’t despair; you can still develop a strong and positive identity for yourself. 

Start by discovering what you like to do, identify your strengths and talents; then start cultivating those traits. Turn of the TV, and grab a book that feeds your soul. Get outside; nature helps connect us to what really matters. But, the key to remaining successful is to surround yourself by people you look up to…people that enhance your mood and radiate positivity! 

Start today; there is no time like now to become someone you truly love!

By Liz Sanchez