I am moving from LA back to MI after spending two wonderful years here. As I am preparing for my movers to come next week, I have to decide what I want to take with me, and what I am leaving behind. The movers charge by the pound so I want to only take the items that I really need or have some type of sentimental meaning. I started to think, what is the difference between being sentimental and attachment?

As a species, we tend to let our possessions define us. This idea can entrap us if we are surrounded by clutter, and in my case paying to move clutter across the country! Emotional attachment is one of the biggest reasons why people cannot let go of their possessions.

So, why is it so hard to let go?

  1. We have memories and sentiment with our possessions.
  2. We are concerned with the future; I just might find that other earring that’s been lost for a year!
  3. We’ve spent money on things. Even if we have never used the item we have spent hard earned money on it, and we are not just going to get rid of it!
  4. Sometimes we feel like we must be doing all right if we have a lot of stuff.

We might have memories attached to our things, but if we are stuck in the past we might be missing out on what is going on right now. Allow yourself room to enjoy the present. This is true also for worry about the future. Unless you are a clairvoyant, you never know what the future might hold. Again, allow yourself room to enjoy the present.

So as I begin packing my things, I am focusing on quality over quantity, and trying not to overly concern myself with the past or the future. Of course I am not leaving everything behind but I am finding that it is actually very freeing to get rid of things I have carried around for so many years. After-all, at the end it's just stuff!

Remember, when getting rid of things try to be Earth-conscious and recycle or donate to local organizations and charities!




By Liz Sanchez