International Random Act of Kindness Week kicks off today! The event encourages people to practice acts of kindness toward others to spread happiness and well-being. The event challenges us to do things we ought to be doing for others anyway. So many times we take for granted the simple ways that we can make a difference. Something as simple as a smile, opening a door, or calling a sick friend can make a huge impact in a person’s well being. Acts of kindness raise the positive energy in the world. Once you begin practicing this you begin to see that doing kind things for others actually benefits the doer as well! It feels good to help others and spread positive energy! In this way it has a win-win effect…….both the doer and the receiver benefit! Step out of your comfort zone this week and begin each day with the intention to practice random acts of kindness. Doing this daily will change the way you see the world and may just bring joy to those around you!


For more information and ways you can practice kindness check out the following link:

By Liz Sanchez