So much has been written about the power of intention over the years. The theory purports that what we think, how we see the world, our attitudes, how we view everything reflects into the universe our intentions.  Our intentions create everything we experience. If we are angry, we invite more anger into our life. If we only focus on what we do not have, we will continue to attract the lack of abundance. Dr. Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul explains that our thoughts are energy. Energy flows through our consciousness and effects everything. Dr. Zukav states, "Every experience, and every change in your experience, reflects an intention.  An intention is not only a desire. It is the use of your will." How you change your experiences depends on that intentions you set. Dr. Zukav emphasizes, "Intentions set into motion processes that effect every aspect of your life." He goes on to state that you create your own reality with your intentions."
Think about the power in this. If our thoughts are energy, then how we truly think affects everything. Every change that you want to make first begins with setting the intention to do so.  And if we are thinking negative thoughts and consumed with self doubt about our ability to accomplish goals, this only hurts our ability to achieve success.  However, if our thoughts are energy and we invest positive energy into our intentions, we will begin to attract more positive energy and outcomes into our lives. It is like putting money in the bank and watching our investments grow!
The concept of the power of intention on our life is amazing. Today, focus on setting positive energy in motion through your thoughts and intentions!  
By Liz Sanchez