It is so difficult today to watch the news, and the constant incoming of reporting regarding disasters, shootings, violence, ethnic and racial hatred, goes on and on. In addition to television and radio, it bombards us over the internet. It is hard to escape. At times, it is so overwhelming and makes one feel as though everything is out of control. It actually steals our strength and robs us of our power. Then, as the words of George Santayana below state, some small quiet story surfaces and renews our faith in the human race. It is hard to remember, but amid all of the turmoil, there is beauty and love in the world. There is wonder and kindness happening all around us. We may have to look for it, and it may not get much coverage........but it is there. So, today, keep your eyes open to find the goodness in the world. Or better yet, spread some of it around the universe yourself.

"The world is not respectable;
it is mortal, tormented,
confused, deluded forever;
but it is shot through with
beauty, with love, with glints
of courage and laughter; and
in these, the spirit blooms
timidly, and struggles to the
light amid the thorns."

- George Santayana

By Liz Sanchez